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Complete Guide to ONNYXE Men’s Leather Jackets

Below are the complete details on how to choose the best men’s leather jacket. Our detailed blog will enable you to choose the desired leather jacket for your wardrobe.

Winter Leather Jackets

Winter leather jackets make an excellent addition to your wardrobe for anyone looking to add timeless style with practical warmth. ONNYXE ensures customers get a true touch of a craftsmanship of high-quality leather. These winter leather jackets are worth buying for their durability, wind resistance, and sophisticated aesthetic. Choose them as your protective attire against extreme and harsh winter conditions. 

Quality of ONNYXE’s Winter Jackets 

Winter leather jackets are worth buying for several reasons that lie in their several commendable features, including: 

Multiple Sizes: ONNYXE’s leather jackets come in various sizes. Some of the sizes include XL, 2XL, 3XL, XS, and L. Customers can use a size chart to assess what size would fit them. 

Diverse Color Range: Colors are important when it comes to bringing matching into your wardrobe. Onnyxe winter leather jackets colors include black, brown, yellow, and red. This variety gives customers freedom to choose color according to their other attire. 

Production material: ONNYXE manufacturers jackets with quality material such as cowhide, sheepskin, or lambskin. This is a premium quality leather. It imparts durability and natural insulation properties.

Lining for Warmth: Lining of faux fur, shearling, or quilted fabric provide extra warmth and comfort.

Several designs: Jackets come in multiple cuts and designs to give a unique look and level of coverage.

Layers of Insulation: To protect users against harsh winter conditions, jackets often come with additional insulation layers. 

Why Customers Love Winter Leather Jackets 

  • Craftsmanship of premium leather for a rich texture and timeless elegance
  • Layer over a tailored ensemble to go on a casual eve out.
  • Details like cozy shearling-trimmed collar and cuffs for practical benefits 
  • Extra warmth and comfort with an interior that boasts a soft lining like faux fur or quilted fabric
  • Embodiment of timeless fusion of ruggedness to offer durability and classic style.
  • Fast and reliable shipping through DHL EXP DIV as well as 30 Days Return Policy

Care and Maintenance

You can maintain appearance of your winter leather jacket by following these practical tips: 

  • Use a damp cloth for cleaning from dirt and dust. If you need deeper cleaning, consult a professional leather cleaner. 
  • To keep your jacket material supple and prevent cracking, use a leather conditioner regularly for conditioning.
  • Ensure storage in a dry place, especially on a padded hanger to maintain its shape. 

Tips to Choose Winter Leather Jackets 

  • Ensure jackets fit well over layers. It will give you enough room for movement.
  • Choose a jacket according to winter weather conditions, colder or harsh. You need thicker leather and additional insulation if you have to wear in extreme cold conditions. 
  • Assess your budget, and then invest in products of both quality and craftsmanship.

Bomber Leather Jackets

Bomber leather jackets date back to World War I for their purposeful design for military pilots. They have been fashion icons that go beyond the test of times. Their robust build and distinctive design make them a perfect combination of functionality, comfort, and style for people of all ages. Bomber Leather Jackets are must-have for their practical and aesthetic looks.

Features of Bomber Leather Jackets

Bomber Leather jackets manufactured by ONNYXE boast quality features that increase the allure of these products. Major features include: 

Different Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, and Yellow are some major colors in which these jackets come. This diverse range of colors makes them more feasible for more people to add them into their wardrobe. 

Sizes: ONNYXE ensures variety in sizes to make these jackets fit more people. M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, XS, and S are some of the major sizes available to be purchased. 

Classic piece: Fitted waist and cuffs offer a flattering and structured look. This design makes it a staple in fashion, suitable for various occasions.

High-quality material: 100% leather is used in production to withstand the test of time.

Why Choose Bomber Leather Jackets 

  • Pays homage to brave souls who took flight during World War II as an embodiment of adventure and bravery.
  • Produced with black lambskin leather jacket hide that wraps around you snugly
  • Ensure durability by withstanding countless adventures on the road.
  • Softy touch and comfortable to wear for the wearer.
  • Effortlessly accentuates your individuality 
  • Fast and reliable DHL EXP DIV shipment delivery 

How to take Care of your Bomber Leather Jackets 

  • Ensure regular cleaning with a damp cloth to wipe off dirt and dust. Use a leather cleaner for deeper cleaning.
  • Use a leather conditioner periodically to avoid leather drying out and cracking over time. This will also keep material supple and prevent damage.
  • Avoid moisture. In case it gets wet, air dry it.
  • Make sure it is kept in a cool, dry place on a wide hanger to keep its shape maintained. 

Customize your Bomber Jackets

Don this bomber jacket with a plain T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers for a laid-back to get a stylish look. This is a perfect combination for everyday wear and casual outings.

If you want a more polished appearance, combine it with a button-down shirt and chinos. Add perfection to this attire with loafers or ankle boots.

Women can go inventive by combining this jacket with a bomber jacket over a sleek dress or tailored trousers and a blouse. Finish the look with a touch of sophistication, adding heels or dressy boots.

Biker Leather Jackets

Biker leather jackets are rugged style and rebellious spirit attires, popular as motorcycle jackets. They have been popular classic jackets since the early 20th century as protective gear for motorcyclists. Nowadays, they’re a form of fashion staple that embodies a blend of toughness and timeless appeal. 

Biker Leather jackets are distinctive asymmetrical zippers that add an instant cool factor to any wardrobe with their sturdy construction. 

How Biker Leather Jackets Made to Fit

Color range: They come in various colors at Onnyxe, including green, black, red, and brown. Anyone looking for a classic look should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe. 

Various sizes: Various sizes make them feasible for a huge range of customer base. Some of the sizes include 4XL, XS, S, M, and L. 

Robust construction: Use of high-quality material to build these jackets to withstand the rigors of the road. It is the durable material that makes them an excellent choice to protect bikers against abrasions and the elements. 

Distinct Designs: Onnyxe manufacturers these classic attires with unique design elements like asymmetrical zippers, snap-down lapels, and epaulets that offer bikers a signature look. These details benefit both aesthetics and practical purposes alike. 

Versatile Construction: Exterior of biker leather jackets is tough, still they are incredibly versatile attire to don. Pair them with casual jeans and tees if you want to achieve more sophisticated ensembles. 

Snug attire: Manufactured keeping in mind for style and functionality to give a snug yet comfortable fit to the biker. It is worth adding adjustable belts and zippers. 

Practical construction: These attires come with convenient storage, sturdy zippers for secure closure, and interior linings to give a perfect taste of practical situation with warmth.

Made for you  

  • Durable, high quality, sharpness, and versatile wearing for casual and everyday wear. 
  • Alluring pick for motorcycle riders and fashion enthusiasts.
  • Construction of genuine 100% lambskin leather.
  • Perfect fit as a high quality, sharpness, and versatile nature.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship and sleek design of different styles 
  • Combination of classic design elements with modern innovation.


Combine these biker leather jackets with a plain white T-shirt, distressed jeans, and combat boots to get a more classic and stylish look. They make a perfect fit to carry yourself in elegance for casual outings and everyday wear.

Make a combination of these jackets with  a graphic tee, slim-fit black jeans, and ankle boots for a Rock ‘n’ Roll edgy look.

Ladies can go inventive by choosing more refined pieces like tailored trousers or a midi skirt and a silk blouse to add a balancing act to the ruggedness of a biker jacket.

Suede Leather Jackets

Suede leather jackets are staple wearable items that spark a sense of timeless look. They are embodiments of a perfect blend of style, sophistication, and comfort. Suede leather jackets are popular for soft, velvety texture and luxurious feel because of the craftsmanship of the underside of the animal hide.

These jackets are versatile and can easily be transitioned from casual daytime wear to elegant evening attire. This makes these jackets an essential addition to your wardrobe. 

What ONNYXE’s Suede Leather Jackets Feature

Luxurious Material for Manufacturing: Suede leather distinguishes itself from other types of leather for its plush. Its unique feel and appearance make it a next level element of refinement to any outfit.

Versatility: You may order suede leather jackets in various cuts and designs. Wide range of personal styles are available, and we’ll be adding more over time. Our versatile designs make them perfect match according to your aesthetic

Color Variety: Wide range of colors from Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, and Red to Yellow are available. This helps you make choices that complement your wardrobe and personal style.

Variety of Sizes: Our suede leather jackets come in various sizes: XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, XS, S, M, L

What is great about ONNYXE’s Suede Leather Jackets 

  • High-quality genuine leather manufacturing. 
  • Premium material to ensure ultimate durability without compromising on comfort
  • Perfectly balanced in form and function
  • DHL EXP DIV fast and reliable delivery with 30 Days Return Policy
  • Nice-to-have motorcycle suede leather jacket for every biking enthusiast
  • Sleek and stylish masterpieces

Styling Tips

Don yourself in a casual look by pairing a suede bomber jacket with jeans and a simple T-shirt. Get more stylish and relaxed by adding a pair of sneakers or boots to complete the look.

Carry yourself in a combination of a suede blazer with chinos and a button-down shirt. You may also add loafers or brogues to make this outfit more alluring.

Make your eve out more elegant with a fitted suede jacket over a black dress or tailored pants and a silk blouse. Heels or polished leather shoes can add a further layer of elegance.

Suede Leather Care Instructions

Follow these simple tips to maintain the luxurious look and feel of the attire:

  • Water can cause stains and damage, so avoid water exposure. Better choose to wear a jacket in dry weather.
  • Use a suede brush to brush your attire. It will remove dirt and maintain a soft texture of suede. 
  • Clean with a suede eraser or a damp cloth to remove minor stains.

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