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Quality Simply Delivered

ONNYXE was established with a vision to meet customer requirements by providing quality leather material products. We at ONNYXE, take pride in curating a superb collection of leather products that show luxury and elegance.


ONNYXE is on a mission to provide the finest quality leather jackets and other products to our customers all over the world. We value customers’ voices and are always available to help them. Customers can contact our representatives at any time by simply emailing to


We believe in the quality of every piece of leather jacket and other products, that’s why every piece goes through strict quality assurance procedures and is only delivered to customers if it passes all quality assurance tests. Our skilled artisans are making sure to provide the best quality and fit to customers with every stitch & detail infused with meticulous care & attention to ensure supreme quality and durability.

Magnificent Craftsmanship

Our products are purely handmade one at a time with experience craftsman with precise details. Each and every order is processed with high quality standards means a higher cost but a better quality you will notice in our stitching.

Fair Pricing with Direct customer approach

Our direct customer approach enable us to provide cost effective leather products and almost ¼ price of what the luxury brands would sell them for. We keep our prices lower by just simply removing middlemen and inefficient marketing.

Sizes fit for all

We take it quite seriously when it comes to sizes. We all know that wearing leather jackets is something electrifying and we ensure that no one misses out on this. We offer different standard sizes from XS to 4XL.

ONNYXE simply provided me with the best quality leather jacket i was looking for so much time
John Blind
Prime Customer